Facebook’s Geolocation & Public

Posted on August 17, 2010


Kara Swisher at BoomTown says her sources “indicate that Facebook will finally be rolling out its own geo-location offering” on Wednesday.

If this is true, it would fulfill a promise made to developers months ago at Facebook’s f8 conference, when we first thought the feature would launch. Such an announcement would, moreover, substantiate the subsequent months of “coming soon” rumors and verified quotes we heard from Facebook execs and others.

So now, facebook wants to know where we ate, what we ate and how much we spent? Is this another way of facebook looking into their user’s activity and now everyone is excited to show off to their friends how rich and how awesome that 5star restaurant was or how crappy that Big Mc was.

First you guys rage on how stupid the privacy was and how facebook was selling your info without your knowledge, than you guys go on a hunger strike (sarcasm) and protest that you will quit facebook, which is unlikely, we all know you guys are FB addicts/Farmville lovers. Now, your throwing your info out to facebook once again. Now what? “Oh my god, facebook is stalking me, they know where I ate my dinner at” protest again?

I doubt it, you people are additced to showing off how hot you looked in that mini skirt, or how drunk you got at that party last night or how cool you look when you smoked that cigar.

Facebook CEO – Mark Zuckerberg: “They ‘trust me’. Dumb fucks.”

At the end of that road, Mark is right. This comment is not a support for Mark or Facebook, cause I hate both of them lol. This is for you, the public, careful what you share. Let’s see how loyal a hungry dog really is.

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