Rosewell to 2010 – Something is out there

Posted on August 12, 2010


It seems that for many years the UFO phenomena has had its share of bumps and bruises along the way. The Ufology community has fought a long and hard battle to get recognition in the main stream world and change its view by the general public of the stereo typical tin foil hat wearing nutters that see little green men. Fuelled by several factors that have been stumbling blocks that have been mountain size for the UFO community, everything from deliberate hoaxes to discredit Ufologists to the silence of the governments of the world.

These things have given a negative atmosphere surrounding anything that has to do with UFO’s. The other side of the coin is the giggle factor that has become a normal reaction when the topic arises publicly. For example, we all have seen a news cast where the news reporter of news anchor talks about UFO’s with a joking smirk on their faces or tell the story in a half fast joking tone as if they are secretly mocking the story, but needless to say the ufology community pushes forward to new and exciting heights. Over the past couple of years a few things have come to the public table to shake the foundations of the negative propaganda that even the most fervent of sceptics even have to sit up take notice of.

Over the recent past we have seen many professional people coming forward to tell their take and personal experiences about UFO’s and ET/ Human contact. One big example was the former Canadian defence minister Paul Hellyer speaking publicly about the governments part in the ufo cover up.

Also another was 6th man to walk on the moon Edgar Mitchell stepping up to the plate to talk about his belief in ET and also about his personal knowledge of the Roswell incident. He, himself grew up in Roswell and knew many of the main players in the event.

These are just a couple of the big bomb shells that have helped the Ufology community gain pubic notoriety, but now we have a piece of history that is most likely one of the most incredible pieces of evidence ever to come to light. This is some former top secret documents that were released to the public by the UK’s MoD.

These are now for the public record and all eyes to see. Yes these are not the first records release by a government, but this batch sits a head and shoulder above the rest. These newly released X files contain a few documents that make the existence of UFO a hard fact to dispute. Within these pages is documented facts pointing back to WWII mentioning Churchill and also going as far as painting a clear picture that Churchill in his own words to hide the fact that UFO’s or then known as “Foo-fighter” exist to protect the public from mass panic.

New documents and archives can be found here.

Real PDF files.

Needless to say now that the cat has been let out of the bag, even the most die hard disbeliever in the entire UFO/ET question has to be re-examined because this is just another example of the hard core facts that are coming out into the open for all the world to see at point blank range.

It must be a hard pill for the hoaxers, dis creditors and sceptics to actually swallow, but sometimes the truth is harder to believe than fiction. Seems that the tables have now turned for the good. Even the main stream news people told this story straight faced and with an almost apologetic tone for their past deeds against the ufology movement. Here is an example of one of the news casts where Ex MoD and government X file investigator Nick Pope is being interviewed about the files that became public.

This little “tidbit” of documentation may be the most crucial and profound piece of information to ever have been put into the public’s domain because it not only confirms a governmental cover up, but it also points to the fact that ET and UFO’s are not only factual, but they have been seen and known about by our leaders since back to at least WWII. The question if we are alone in the universe may have already been answered and revealed to the powers that be without the rest of the world ever knowing.

This may be factual also found with these x files where mention of secret meetings between Churchill And Eisenhower. The stories of the secret ET/ Eisenhower meetings are really now not that much of a shock anymore and these new released documents kind of confirm it all. These meetings of Humans and ET have been speculated for some time and recently confirmed by an Ex New Hampshire State Rep. the Hon. Henry W. McElroy, Jr. So, how much did Churchill know and was privy to?

So in closing it is now clear that the entire UFO phenomena and ET topic should be taken seriously by all, even the sceptics. If this doesn’t help enlighten those that have chosen to turn a blind eye from what is really going on with UFO’s in the world then nothing will unfortunately, but for those that can listen to the hard facts and are willing to consider alternate possibilities, then the Ufology community has won a major victory and has taken one giant leap forward in being recognized as being an actual legit study rather than being “those people with tin foil hats that see little green men”.

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